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Standard Hourly Rate (Inc VAT): £30phr

Based on Hours and Technicality

This is great for ad hoc tasks. Our time is tracked and rounded to the nearest 15 minutes. You will receive a breakdown with your invoice.

Retainer Packages (Discounted rate): £28phr

This is great as it guarantees time has been blocked out for you.

Don’t worry if you can’t see a package that works for you, we can create a bespoke package with the hours that you need.

If you need more or less support one month, well, that's easy too.


Your Virtual Assistant is just a call or email away!

Retainer Packages Hours

£560 (£28 per hour) – 20 hours per month

  £1,080 (£28 per hour) - 40 hours per month

  £1,680 (£28 per hour) - 60 hours per month

Rates: Rates

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