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The Compass Club - Social Media Manager & Content Creator

Women's Membership Club

Project Task/Challenge

The client felt that her social pages did not have any direction for their women's membership club. The previous social manager did not stick to the brand colours or promote the membership club via their social media platforms.

Page before:


-Started using the client's brand colours and used a social media planning tool to ensure good placement of posts (not placing bright or similar colours together).

-Implemented reels into the strategy by changing some static posts to video content and using trending music.

-Introduced posts explaining what the club was about, showing snippet content from their course to entice new members.

-Introduced new content into the strategy, book reviews, celebrity quotes and videos of well-known women giving inspirational speeches, in line with what the club was about.


- The page looked more cohesive.

-New followers could tell straight away what the page was about.

-The first celebrity video achieved over 8k views, utilising familiarity with a new audience is a great method.

-Instagram and LinkedIn page grew by 150 followers in 3 months

-Accounts reached increased by + 2,581% in the first month on Instagram and +3,600% on LinkedIn in the second month.

Page after:

Account managed from June - September 2022.

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