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Madeline McQueen - Social Media Manager & Content Creator

Executive Coach

Project Task/Challenge

The client felt that her social pages did not have any direction for her brand as an Executive Coach, and it was hard to tell what her page was about.  The previous social manager did not stick to the brand colours or promote her services well.

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Solution and results

​​-Started using the client's brand colours and used a social media planning tool to ensure good placement of posts (ensuring posts with similar colours or topics were not posted next to each other).

-Created new templates across all her social media to fit in line with her branding.

-Implemented reels into the strategy by changing some static posts to video content and using trending music.

-Introduced posts promoting her coaching services and digital products.

-Repurposed her podcast appearance and created reels and video content.

-Cross promoted her women's membership with her current followers.


- The page looked more cohesive.

-New followers could tell straight away what the page was about.

-Accounts reached increased by 120% in the first month on Instagram in the first month.

-Content Interactions increased by 67.6% on Instagram in the second month.

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Account managed from June - September 2022.

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